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We are a community-based organization focused on making Broken Arrow a better, safer, and more inviting place in which to live and work. With the help of local business leaders and our tireless volunteers, we support efforts to bring the best infrastructure, services, and amenities to our city, and make it thrive.

How We Got Started

The Build A Better Broken Arrow Committee was formed in 1991 by Russell Peterson.  He has never run for public office, but over the past three decades he has played as big a role in Broken Arrow’s development as any elected official.

During that time, Peterson, a successful local attorney, has helped shape and promote General Obligation Bond Issues for the city and Broken Arrow school district that help make his hometown so appealing to businesses and residents alike.  He is joined on this committee by a number of the area's top professionals and dedicated community volunteers.

Thank You

Whether you help through volunteering your time, supporting bond issues, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you. 

Tradition Extended

Broken Arrow Voters Approve 210 Million GO Bond Package

Extending a tradition that dates back more than 30 years, Broken Arrow voters went to the polls on Aug. 28 to approve the largest general obligation bond issue in the city’s history -- a $210 million package designed to help fuel community growth into the next decade.

In all, 88 different projects were on the ballot, including the widening of Houston (81st) Street from Garnett Road to Aspen (145th East Avenue); the widening of 23rd Street (County Line Road) between Omaha (51st) and Albany (61st) streets; improvement of intersections on 9th Street (Lynn Lane) near Highway 51; construction of Fire Station No. 7, construction of a Senior Citizen Center annex, and a myriad of quality of life improvements across the city.

Officials said some of the projects could take upwards of 13 years to complete. City staff has already started the process of prioritizing and deciding when during the life of the bond specific projects will be completed.

Despite the size and scope of the bond package, officials note it is below the city’s bonding capacity meaning all the undertakings listed will be completed without the need to increase taxes. New bonds will be sold as old ones expire.

Russell Peterson, president of the Build A Better Broken Arrow Committee, a community service organization founded to help shape and promote bond proposals for the city and school district, said, “In the 30 years I have been involved in this type of activity, the city has focused on smaller bonds to meet infrastructure needs in three- to four-year steps. This time they really thought outside the box to give us a long-term blueprint for growth.”

Pointing to highly coveted Most Livable City awards presented to Broken Arrow this year by the National Council of Mayors and the Institute For Building Technology and Safety, Peterson pointed out that BA has transformed itself from being a small suburb of Tulsa into “big deal” on a local, statewide and regional basis.

City leaders agree.

“Broken Arrow is fortunate to remain on a growth trajectory in both population and businesses. As the city continues to grow in families and employers, it is critical to have aggressive long-term projects to ensure our infrastructure is able to meet the needs of both,” according to a posting on the bond issue’s website.

Mayor Craig Thurmond said, “On behalf of the City Council, I want to thank all citizens of Broken Arrow who came out to vote. This was a landmark decision for the community’s future.”

Thurmond said he and the other city councilors knew this would be a monumental undertaking when they asked city staff to prepare the bond package last year. “But with the vision and guidance of everyone involved, and the wealth of citizen feedback we received, the Build Our Future BA Bond Package keeps Broken Arrow on the right track to continue its tremendous growth and maintain our high quality of life.”

City Manager Michael Spurgeon also expressed appreciation for continuing community support.

“The level of engagement we’ve received over the course of putting this bond package together has been unprecedented in Broken Arrow. This package truly represents the desires of our residents for what they want from the city and how they envision Broken Arrow’s future,” he said.

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We are proud to support this program and urge all Broken Arrowans to VOTE YES on Aug. 28.

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